Photo & Document Restoration

Just because we believe in print doesn’t mean we don’t also believe in digital. Here’s one of the all-time best uses of digital technology: Photo and document restoration. You (well, actually, we) can breathe new life into even crumbling and crackling old family photographs. Images you thought were lost forever can be rejuvenated (drag your mouse over the photos above to see what we mean). Black and white, color, prints, even slides—we take your fragile originals and painstakingly turn them into archival quality keepsakes and eloquent centerpieces of your personal memoir, family history, or commemorative book. You’ll be able to enjoy your old photos the way they were meant to be, and you’ll have a lasting copy in digital form that will never wear out.

We do the same for precious family documents, letters, old newspaper clippings, children’s artwork, whatever valuable pieces of paper you and your loved ones have collected over the years.

When we’re done with the restoration, if you choose, we can also provide you with archival quality prints, ready to be matted, framed, and displayed as a complement to your book. And, of course, our photo and document restoration services are available even if you are not publishing a book with us.

A little about the process

We begin by creating a high-resolution scan of your original photo, slide, or document. We then remove any scratches, blemishes, and dust particles; correct fading; and restore the color. After we’ve rejuvenated your original and removed imperfections, we can enlarge, crop, or alter your photos in any way you like, such as adding a sepia tone to maintain an old-fashioned look (though we suggest you resist the impulse to crop out your annoying ex-brother-in-law).

Archival prints

If you would like us to print your photo or document, you can choose from a full range of fine photo papers, including traditional glossy, satin, and matte, as well as specialty finishes such as watercolor and linen. All of our printing is done on archival quality paper, using professional-grade inks that are rated to last more than a century (which is more than we can say for ourselves).

We love to restore old photos! Please contact us for a free estimate of our photo restoration or document restoration services.