A Secret Core of Joy
By Ellin Randel

Memoir/soft-cover perfect binding/6” x 9”/b & w/250 pages/2010/ISBN 978-0-9829758-0-0/$18/available at Amazon.
Limited edition full-color, cloth, stamped hardcover binding privately published for family members/6” x 9”/b & w/262 pages/2010

Client chose to publish two editions of her memoir: a soft-cover edition for sale to the general public (online and at independent bookstores) and a hardcover heirloom edition (with additional photos) for her family.

Part memoir, part travelogue, part spiritual journey, A Secret Core of Joy is, more than anything, an inspirational manual for living. In spare, honest prose, author Ellin Randel examines the people, places, and things that have made her life worth living. In doing so she elicits the essence of what gives every life its bitter and its sweet, gently serving up wisdom and insight that stay with her reader long after the book has ended. It is the rare memoir that manages to escape self-indulgence. This one is it.

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