The Day the Ocean Changed to Chocolate
By Benneville Strohecker
Children’s Picture Book/Watercolor Illustration
Limited edition, hardcover/8”x10”/full-color/42 pages/2013/available through Harbor Sweets catalog and website
Hardcover/8”x10”/full-color/42 pages/2013/for general sale online
ISBN 978-1937650278/$22.95/available at Amazon and BarnesandNoble

In this delightfully illustrated book, Benneville Strohecker tells the story of two curious children, Aurora and Shane, as they make their way through a magical adventure to the chocolate factory, under the guidance of Ben, a family friend with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. On the way, they encounter magic lightning, a snaggletoothed sawfish, and a possum with a PhD. Based on Strohecker’s real-life experience as the founder of Harbor Sweets chocolates, and the creator of the Sweet Sloop, this book will entertain the eye and tantalize the taste buds of young and old readers alike.

The Day the Ocean Changed to Chocolate was a silver medal winner in the Mom’s Choice Awards.

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