Self-Publishing & Marketing Services

Not so long ago, if you wanted to get your book into print, you were at the mercy of the Big Publishing Houses. That is, if you could find an agent to represent you. (And, in a classic catch-22, most agents would only accept new clients who had already been published.) Even if your book was accepted by a large publisher, they’d expect you to do most of the marketing yourself and even require you to submit a marketing plan along with your manuscript in order to have it considered for publication. You did the work. They collected the lion’s share.

Fortunately for anyone reading this, the world of publishing has changed. Radically. Digital printing technology, combined with new avenues of distribution, now make it possible for an author to publish a book at a relatively low cost and get it out into the world and into the hands of readers. Self-publishing means more control for you and a higher percentage of the profits when you sell books. Consequently, more and more authors, even some who might be able to get a contract with a commercial publisher, are choosing to self-publish.

Self-Publishing Doesn’t Mean You Have to Do It All Yourself

At SMALL BATCH BOOKS, we can help you get your book into circulation. From the time we receive your manuscript to the moment it goes up for sale, we are there to make sure the process runs smoothly and is as rewarding as possible.

Our services include:

  • Registering the copyright in the author’s name
  • Procuring a Library of Congress Control Number
  • Acquiring an ISBN (your book’s universal identification number)
  • Getting your book listed in the major databases used by booksellers in the U.S.

Print On Demand

Our self-publishing services employ print-on-demand technology, which means the only books that get printed are the ones that get sold. We begin by creating a digital file of your book that is sent to our printer. After your book goes up for sale, single copies can be printed and shipped within a matter of days to the bookseller, whether it’s an online retailer or a local bookstore. The end result: your book is in the hands of your reader. There is no overstock, no inventory, and most importantly, no wasted resources for unsold copies. If you wish to print copies to sell yourself or to distribute to friends, family, and potential reviewers, we can provide those as well, shipped directly to your door.

A number of our self-published authors have won independent publishing awards. For a look at some of the titles we’ve helped people self-publish, click here

Contact us to discuss your book and possible publishing options. We’re here to help.