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What’s Your Story?

Life is stranger than fiction. Also richer, more complex, idiosyncratic, fleeting. The way we hold on to life as it is lived is through memories. Photos, scrapbooks, videos, blogs—these all help preserve memories and capture moments.

But only in a privately published memoir or commemorative book can you pull it all together—the stories, the pictures, the artifacts of life well lived—and be able to return to it again and again, conveniently, at your leisure, now and for generations to come. Books have a very, very long track record of endurance (think, The Dead Sea Scrolls), and they’re one of the few forms of media that you can be sure won’t end up being obsolete any time soon (remember floppy disks?) .

At SMALL BATCH BOOKS we specialize in private and self-publishing  of personal histories and other custom-published literary works, helping our discriminating clients tell their stories, and turning those stories into beautifully written, edited, designed, and bound books that become instant heirlooms (as in, the thing that would be snatched from the burning house).

Self-Publishing doesn’t mean you have to do it all by yourself. In addition to memoir publishing, we also provide support for writers who want to self-publish, including writing, editing, and design services, to ensure that your book looks and reads as well as it can. From there, we work with you to get your book into circulation. From the time we receive your manuscript to the moment it goes up for sale, we are there to make sure the process runs smoothly and is as rewarding as possible.

What shape will your story take?

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At SMALL BATCH BOOKS our full range of creative services allows you to choose the degree of professional assistance you need to get your project from idea to limited-edition volume sitting proudly on your bookshelf or coffee table. We partner with you no matter where you are in your book process, no matter what kind of book you hope to create. To jumpstart your memoir we provide in-home interviewing and transcribing. To move your manuscript to the next stage we provide editing and polishing, fine-tuning the words into a skillfully crafted narrative that is then designed, printed, and bound using artisan bookbinding techniques that have withstood the tests of time. We want your finished book to look as elegant as it reads, so you will have many fine papers, fabrics, leathers, and other materials to choose from in creating your book.

interviewing & transcription disc writing & editing disc proofreading disc design & layout disc photo & document restoration disc printing & binding

Contact us. Whether you need memoir publishing, book editing services, or information on how to publish your book, we’re here to help, and we would love to speak with you.