Weaving Threads: Travels on the Silk Road
By Nancy M. Hayes (drawings by Ross E. Hayes)
Custom edition, cloth hardcover binding/6”x9”/b&w, full-color inserts/256 pages/2013/privately published

Softcover/6”x9”/b&w/256 pages/2013/for sale online
ISBN 978-1937650247/$19.00/available at Amazon and BarnesandNoble

It is 1965. Nancy and Ross Hayes, in their early twenties and newly married, set off in a VW Beetle to realize Nancy’s childhood dream of retracing Marco Polo’s route along the exotic Silk Road that connects Europe with the Far East. Through rugged mountain passes, blast-furnace deserts, crumbling cities, and fertile valleys rimmed with snow-capped mountains, they are utterly captivated by the majestic landscape, the ancient cultures, the kind-hearted people, and, most of all, by each other. Halted by war and the Soviet Iron Curtain, they are forced to return home to Canada, where forty years will pass before the intrepid travellers return to complete their Silk Road journey.

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